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About Us

Perfection, is reflected in the elegance and beauty of Guatemala’s culture

Exportaciones e Importaciones Exclusivas, was established in 2007 by a Guatemalan marriage couple, making imports of different kind of products, but now our main and essential goal is to share with people around the world the beauty of Guatemala, the Heart of Mayan´s World.  As well as contribute to the development of the Guatemalan artisans and their families.

We provide handmade products, which are the perfect combination of our Mayan legacy and fashion trends. Our designs are exclusive and unique. Therefore, they are made with dedication and high quality standards of manufacture.


Our product categories are:

Bags for women: Bags are made with genuine leather combined with embroidered “huipil”.  Each piece is unique, and tells a story about different regions of the country. We have several types of bags which perfectly adapt to your life events: casual, sport, briefcases, meetings, dates, etc.

Belts for men: Belts are made with genuine leather combined with traditional textiles and cotton from Guatemala. We offer the following types of belts: formal, casual, cowboy, etc.


Pottery Art: These articles are made with mud, which is worked to create beautiful and useful pieces for house decoration. Some of the articles you can find are: vases, candlesticks, baskets, etc.


  • Wooden articles: These items are made with Medium Density Fibreboard –MDF-, combined with embossed designs and traditional Guatemalan’s paintings. You can find: Tea bag storage boxes, napkin holders, cup holders, etc.
  • Table linens: Traditional textiles are used to create beautiful table linens for kitchen and dining room. In this category you can find: napkins, table runners, table linens, etc.

We hope that through our designs you discover the beauty of Guatemala’s culture, and fall in love of it every day as much as we do.


Terms and Policies

Product & Quality

Guatemalan artisans capture the beauty of the landscapes, special places and guatemalan traditions; they work hard with dedication, telling a story in every product manufactured. Each one of this is unique and each one of this is a part of the Heart of Guatemala.

We offer a professional job with the photograph of each item, in order to reflect the accuracy of the details, quality and colors presented on the page, so the customer can notice as perfect as they are. Additionally, it is recomended to read the description of each article to clarify any doubts.

Each product will go through a strict and rigorous quality control so it will be very difficult to receive a claim for something that is ill-conditioned. However, it could be, that the product can be damaged during the courier so under that circumstances we can accept the product return and change the order. Only for that reason.


The company ‘s policy about prices is to handle low market prices because our main interest is marketing high quality products to introduce to the world the handmade articles by Guatemalan artisans.


The order will be delivered within 3 to 5 business days.


Any disagreement by a defective product or wrong delivery , the user has a period of 2 working days from the date of delivery  to notify the return.

To authorize the return of a product in poor condition, the customer must show it  via skype .

To make the return of the wrong order, the item must be in perfect condition and you will attach your invoice.


Step 1

The customer must send an email to the address, requesting a refund and explaining the product defect and should also include the time you can be reached via skype an your address.

Step 2

The call is made ​​by skype to appreciate the product and authorize the change.

Step 3

If the return is due to an erroneous shipment, the customer will not pay any additional costs . The company will make the change and assume all expenses.

If the return is due to a defective product, the customer bears the cost of return . ( See Quality policy )

Step 4

If the customer wants a refund, it will be made by bank transfer, so the company will be requesting all respective data; or if payment is made ​​by credit card , the payment will perform by this way.

The payment will be paid within a period of 12 days from the date of application for refund, as long as the merchandise is returned within that period.


Be a distinguished export company in the international market that provides superior quality handmade products to share with:
CUSTOMERS: the beauty of Guatemala´s culture through unique items ethically produced; WHOLESALERS: seeking good returns, profitability and stability in working conditions; EMPLOYEES: that are proud of their job and do it with passion; ARTISIANS: who love their work and perform selective articles, contributing to the development of Guatemala and their families.


Be a company that satisfies costumer´s preferences with innovative and exclusive handmade products, designed to represent the beauty of our culture supported with an efficient delivery service.